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Successful weekend | Successful start to the month March 3, 2008

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My goal was to stick to a budget of £50 this weekend (and every other weekend for the forseeable future), and I am pleased to inform you all that I have been a very good boy 🙂

All in all, it was a fairly cheap weekend with not much really happening. Most of the budget went on one meal – which was lovely, I hasten to add. I was aware that I wouldn’t be spending much else, which is why I blew most of it on the meal. Any other weekend, where I might be spending more on other days, I would have stuck to a take-away.

To confirm, I am not including shopping bills, baby (yes, i am a dad) stuff, or any other general necessities. Just luxuries and one-off purchases. E.g. On Sunday, I went to the Supermarket. I needed to buy a few things like nappies, food for the week, toiletries…etc. I also bought a bottle of wine to take to a friends for tea that night. In my budget, I have only included the bottle of wine as a luxury purchase.

Anyway, here are the details:

£0.00 – nice 🙂

£36.00 – Italian meal & drinks

£6.00 – Dinner
£2.99 – Bottle of wine (what a deal – and it was nice too!)

Total: £44.99

Well done me! And I have £5.01 left in my pocket. Any suggestions?


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